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AUTEUR Colin Higgins
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Teenager Harold Chasen lives alone with his mother in a comfortable house near the Atlantic coast of the USA. They have plenty of money, and his mother leads a very active social life, but Harold's life is strangely empty - apart from his unusual hobbies of visiting junkyards, watching the demolition teams knock down houses, and going to funerals. Until he meets Maude - at a funeral. Maude is nearly 80, but she has the zest for life of a 20-year-old and some very radical ideas about life ! What is her secret ? Can Maude's positive optimism give Harold's life more meaning, a new direction, perhaps ?

Harold and Maude is one of the weirdest films I've ever seen, it's part black comedy and part romance. It's dark but great fun to watch. The acting was superb, the dialogues were witty.

Harold and Maude is one of our great modern fairy tales. A cult classic in the Seventies, it's now a timeless romantic document, its message simple in the way all fairy tales are. It says love and freedom are two sides of the same coin. Where one is absent, so is the other, neither able to exist in isolation without the other. Some may call this a romantic conceit, others a fact of life. I ...


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