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The rapid expansion of modern forestry and the simultaneous decline of traditional woodland management have brought great changes in the composition, distribution and appearance of woodlands. There has been a dramatic decrease ine the area under semi-natural woodland, while at the same time many beautiful landscapes have been embellished with conifer plantations. With forestry concentrating on timber production, woddland conservation in the interests of nature and landscape has tended to develop as a seperate skill, based on radically differing objectives and priorities. This is George Peterken's main subject. Believing that exisitng woods are only properly understood by a knowledge of their antecedents, he first summarizes their historical development and its ecological consequences. Semi-natural woods are described in terms of a new classification of stand types. The objectives and priorities of nature conservation are then discussed. Finally he considers how woods should be managed in order to retain their conservation value and yet satisfy material needs. This book will be of interest to all those concerned with the preservation of our natural heritage as well as the management of a valuable natural ressource.

There is also a growing literature on the ecology of rain forest bryophytes (Frahm and Gradstein 1990). In this paper I have tried to evaluate the impact of tropical deforestation on bryophytes ...

Ecology Bryophytes & fungi . Fungi can be found growing on or near many bryophytes. The 1988 paper given in the next reference button lists over 300 bryophyte species and the fungi that have been found growing on them - collectively called bryophilous fungi. Not surprisingly, many more bryophyte-fungus associations have been discovered since then and several hundred species of bryophilous ...


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